Digital X-rays

At Kincorth Dental we use the most modern technology to help us determine the best possible dental care and deliver the most expert treatment for our patients. Our high-tech imaging equipment allows us to detect any dental problems as early on as possible, ensuring preventative measures can be taken early.

A number of advantages of our digital radiography equipment as follows;

  • Higher quality of care: There is a growing concern over the amount of radiation exposure as a result of conventional radiography; however our digital radiography equipment typically reduces radiation exposure by at least 75%
  • X-ray image enhancement: Digital X-ray systems let you control the exposure/lighting of each image in real time and enlarge images, which significantly improves the dentist’s ability to detect any issues meaning a faster diagnosis
  • Cleaner process: Many dentists agree that digital radiography is easier, cleaner and faster than any conventional radiography

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Angle the bristles at 45º to the gum line.
There’s no need to scrub – hold the brush in position and after a few seconds sweep the bristles away from the gum. Repeat around the outer and inner surfaces of all teeth. Particularly effective inter-dentally. The whole procedure should take about 2 minutes.

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— Richard James Molloy