Dentures (also known as ‘false teeth’) are suitable for patients that are missing all or few of their teeth. This is a prosthetic device mainly containing acrylic and is supported by the surrounding soft and hard tissue of the oral cavity. Contructing the denture requires a couple of appointment with the dentist to ensure it fits and looks great for the perfect smile.

You will need to make sure that you allow enough time for your new denture to settle in as it can some take time to get used to them. Your dentures will need extra care in order to avoid dental decay and gum disease, however our team will be able to give you full instructions on how to take care of your denture at your next check up.

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There is now an alternative to a plastic denture.
Plastic dentures can be heavy …
… and also cover a large area of the palate …
… effecting heat and taste sensitivity.
Chrome dentures can solve all these problems.

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